Listen To Christine (mp3s)

POF’s Christine compiles her favorite songs of the week every Monday.

Blouse – “Time Travel”  [via Stereogum]
Lately, these Portland bands sort of have a characteristic gloomy sound, which I suppose is regionally meteorologically appropriate. But, Blouse puts their own retro-synth spin on things with this song, fittingly named “Time Travel.” Can’t you just image playing this at a non-lame Halloween dance party?

Tennis – “Tell Her No” (The Zombies cover)
Just when I thought I shouldn’t listen to Tennis anymore because summer is over, the Denver couple put out this gem. Nothing says Fall music more to me than The Zombies! (Insert dumb “Time of the Season” pun here).

Lykke Li – “Unchained Melody” (Righteous Brother cover)
[via Pretty Much Amazing]
This track came out last week, but you can download it this week! In my opinion, Lykke Li does some really beautiful 60s covers (remember her version of  “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

Excepter – “ORLY?
[via Altered Zones]
Another seasonally appropriate track, I agree with Altered Zones that this eerie instrumental “evokes the most tormented images of ‘70s horror, scenes of dismemberment, imminent death…”

Bleached – “Searching Through the Past” /
[via Stereogum]
Here’s another catchy tune from ex-Mika Miko sisters now known as Bleached. I am particularly fond of the three notes of that particularly tinkly-sounding piano.