Listen to Christine (mp3s)

We need a female perspective more often, so POF assistant Christine compiles a weekly selection of tunes to enjoy.

Four songs for the Fourth of July:

Tennis – “Is It True? (Brenda Lee cover)”
It’s another summer of girl-y and/or surf-y pop, but it’s just so gooood and perfect for this time of year. Last summer, I had “Marathon” on repeat every day, and I’m still not sick of it! Tennis is just exudes cuteness. Download their cute cover of Brenda Lee’s “Is It True” for the low, low price of your email address at

Dom – “Damn”
It just wouldn’t be a proper holiday about America without a summer anthem from the “Living in America”-is-sexy boys. Just “LIKE” Dom on Facebook to access the goods.

The Truants – “Sunset Surf”
When summer rolls around, I’m always on the lookout for those summery Aquarium Drunkard tracks and Mondo Boys mixes. They’ve always got just what I need to listen to as I laze about during the too-hot-to-do-anything months. Sunset Surf is the perfect cool down, end-of-the-day song. Grab it over at Aquarium Drunkard. Relax n’ enjoy.

Class Actress – “Keep You”
Here’s a fourth track to keep you fourth-ing into the night. Class Actress, who has played a couple of POF shows in the past, is releasing their first full-length, Rapprocher, on Carpark in October. They’ve so kindly provided a preview of the expected prettiness to come. Download “Keep You” over at RCRD LBL.