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Liturgy’s drummer arrested

The drummer of Brooklyn Black Metal act Liturgy got arrested on March 19th in Fort Worth, TX. A day after their Denton, TX show at House of Tinnitus, Liturgy was making their way down south to Austin, when they unfortunately decided to stop in Fort Worth-less, TX. According to band members, they were exchanging money outside their tour van, when a F.W.P.D. officer pulled up on them; then two additional squad cars decided to as well. After an illegal search a small amount of marijuana was found on their drummer, Greg Fox, who then was arrested and taken into custody. Apparently the officers’ said “I got shit as good as this at home.” The officers used common sense and compassion by placing the drummer in a cell separate from the general population of thugs and junkies.

Due to the improper search, the drummer was let off after a couple hours.  The band missed some of their shows on March 19th, including a WFMU/Aquarius Records Showcase for SXSW.