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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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MALEVELLER is a new Dallas based Four-piece band that will unintentionally be branded ‘hipster-metal’ for those wanting to easily lump them with similar-style acts, such as Early Man, High On Fire, Saviours and The Sword.  Building a “word-of-mouth” following from show to show, Maleveller has steadily grown more confident and aggressive with each performance; especially the lead Guitar and Vocals.  A little bit more “evil” in the stage presence of the Bassist and Drummer would add panache, but again, this is a fresh act that is still “working things out”.

Suggestion to any new bands: Try donning masks, then no one will care about the faces the drummer makes or the lack of interest by band members.  Some bands that wear masks who are successful: Disturbed, Gwar, Hollywood Undead, The Locust, Midnight (okay, not successful, but really cool), Mudvayne and Slipknot. – OR – add some shtick or gimmick to the performance . . . Fire and pyrotechnics seem to win fans over; (google “Great White at The Station nightclub”).

1.) “Oath Breaker” mp3
2.) “Promethean” mp3
3.) “The Man Who Would Be King” mp3

The most untrue, yet coolest, part about Maleveller is that their name can be used in verb form, which is fun to try; you should too!! Two examples:
1). Malevelling – the act of Maleveller playing Maleveller songs – OR –  the act of listening to Maleveller.
2). Malevelled – the aftermath of a Maleveller performance. For example, a drunk band member could say at the end of a show “You’ve been Malevelled!!”.

Update: 09/01 – Although they should, Disturbed does not wear masks, Mudvayne does. Error fixed.