Mix-Tape: Garage/heavy Psych mix

This is from my friend Nathan Rich aka nrich:

“It’s rare, mainly small label, garage & heavy psych 45s. It’s starts out very heavy and then goes quickly into more uptempo garage. The last track from San Antonio is ultra rare and kicks ass.”

Here’s the tracklist:
Darkseid – Land of the Darker Sun
American Blues – If I were a Carpenter (after vocals)
Beautiful Daze – City Jungle pt.2
Grapple – Eternal Genesis
Brym Stonz Ltd – You’ll be Mine
Left Banke – Lazy Day
7th Seal – People Grow on You
Pepper & the Shakers – Semi-Psychedelic
Steve Carpenter – I’m Lost
The Flower Power – Mt. Olympus
The Thingies – Rainy Sunday Morning
Dennis and the Times – Flight Patterns
Kindred Spirits – Blue Avenue
Moving Sidewalks – 99th Floor
Stoics – Hate

or Download here