Monday Night

PARTS & LABOR are an experimental-noise rock trio from Brooklyn, who are on tour promoting MAPMAKER; which was released on Jagjaguwar this past May. I am always impressed that they are able to emulate their albums in a live format without veering away from the original material. If you have never seen them, then you need to see them work their magic live. Besides knob twiddling with toys and keyboards, they mix it up with bass, guitar, a sick drummer and vocals on about half of their songs. They have only played in Dallas once before, which was at Good Records back in March 2006, so let’s show them a good time. Music nerds and all around cool dudes, P & L will be hanging out if you want to bullshit with them before and after the show.

The well discussed and hyped electronic dance outfit from Dentron, GHOSTHUSTLER, will open the show up promptly at 10PM; Parts & Labor go on at 11PM; Doors at 9PM, only $4.99, age 18+ and the show will be over by MIDNIGHT! Beer, Wine and Setups are available; byo bottle. Pastime Tavern (click for map) Bring a friend and carpool.

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