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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Show Added: GROOMS + mp3

GROOMS (ex-Muggabears) trio from Brooklyn/Texas, will be on their first proper tour in honor of their Death By Audio release Rejoicer (out October 20th). “Dreamsucker” mp3 via stereogum. Excerpt from their press release:

Rejoicer showcases sounds from broken noise-surf to campfire-seance drone.  The album finds the trio having evolved into a band completely comfortable with themselves, but never afraid to challenge their own, or listeners’, perceptions of what they are.  Stacks of Moogs pitted against auxiliary percussion, scream-choirs, warm pedal steel, and a whole host of other ideas collide on Rejoicer, and the collision is a jarring and soothing 35 minute ride through what this exciting band is capable of.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009 – 8:00PM
Nervous Curtains – Band led by Sean Kirkpatrick of The Paper Chase
eyes, wings and many other things
@ The Handsome Kitten
824 Exposition, Ste. 8
ALL AGES, $5.  BYOB for 21+