In collaboration w. SPUNE PRODUCTIONS:
FEB. 17th, 2008
LIARS (Los Angeles/Berlin) & NO AGE (Los Angeles)
w. $ELECT of the PARTY/Central Booking to DJ in-between and afterwards.

The LIARS are out supporting 2007’s phenomenal LIARS (Mute). I am not sure how many times I have listened to this album, but it never grows old. Last time they came through town, was in Dallas as support for INTERPOL.

I wrote a blurb on NO AGE a while ago. NO AGE used to be in the short-lived punk band WIVES. They have a nice 12″ split w. Moving Units released years ago on PPMand an amazing full length Erect the Youth Problem on Cold Sweat. Also, one of the guys in NO AGE is (or was) a high school teacher. They are out hustling WEIRDO RIPPERS which complies most of the tracks from the series of vinyl they released in 2007 and features their Los Angeles hang-out “The Smell” on the album cover. They are scheduled to play an instore at Good Records at 4PM the same day. Catch them twice it will be worth it.

yeah and i didn’t post the flyer for the show b/c it’s bullshit that SPUNE and Parade of Flesh are illegible.

Here is video Gitty shot of Liars at the Gypsy Tea Room (this was the last time i caught them live):