Nov. 7th & 9th Info

Nov. 7th  at Club Dada |  elm st. | 75226 
ALL AGES | $10 for 21+ | $15 for under  TICKETS HERE
…and you will know us by the TRAIL OF DEAD (austin) – Aside from Burning Brides and EPHB, I don’t think I have seen a band more times live than TRAIL OF DEAD. If you don’t know who these guys are, then you probably wouldn’t be coming anyway. Too bad you will miss an outside show for them to perform new material off their newest EP Festival Thyme and upcoming album (jan/feb). Free from the hands of interscope, Festival Thyme is the first release off their new label, Richter Scale Records.
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (austin) – Seven-piece grunge ensemble featuring members of Oh! Beast.
Dead Twins (dallas) – They aren’t a duo anymore, so I am not sure “twins” fits a four-piece.

Nov. 9th at The Lounge on Elm St | 2810 Elm Street | 75226
FREE for 21+, $8 for 17+
PARTS & LABOR (brooklyn) – modifying gear nerds, noise rockers, founders of Cardboard Records, touring as a four piece once again. The band has more ‘hooks’ than previously. P & L just re-vamped their website, and it features a stream of their new album, Receivers.
Lipstick Terror (mexicali) – Bilingual hardcore new wave punk band from the seedy border town nestled inbetween Mexico and California.  
True Widow (dallas) – Slowly gaining steam and picking up more shows now with the release of their debut album.

Update: Due to Lipstick’s cancellation, psychedelic soloist,  Dogme 95, will open the show.