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One Blog Pr does not like Kristine Elezaj

One Blog Pr really tore into Mary Gonzalez of EFG: Entertainment Fusion Group over a harmless attempt at pushing a new sex-tart pop artist, Kristine Elezaj. The only fault of Mary was forgetting to BLIND COPY all the recipients… shit happens so One Blog Pr’s reaction is fairly entertaining; but then he carbon copied everyone in his rant… so now I’m confused.

First Email: (carbon copied to over 600 people)

Hi there,

My name is Mary Gonzalez with EFG PR Los Angeles.

I wanted to reach out to you about the hypnotic and hot new video for “Warpath” from up-and-coming pop seductress Kristine Elezaj. “Warpath” features Kristine in the desert performing and literally lighting up the screen as she sings the song’s propulsive catchy chorus. Somewhere between Britney Spears’ sexy pop and the dance-fueled beats of Lady Gaga, Kristine’s paving her own path through pop.

We’d love it if you featured the “Warpath” video on your site, and if you’re interested in an interview with Kristine, let us know!

ONE BLOG PR’s Reaction: (also carbon copied, but to about 500 persons)


Let me give you a few helpful tips here for effective blog PR.

1 – first of all. Don’t send an e-mail to hundreds of people and list all their e-mail addresses in the “to” box cause then everyone can take the e-mail addresses and use them for spam lists.

2 – don’t send me super shit songs like this. Honestly – there are tons of amazing new artists out there doing interesting new work. Yet this song and artist obviously is nothing more than a money making venture that completely lacks any originality. Every single feature of the video and song is a derivation of something done a million times before and much better. It’s almost amazing solely for the fact that it looks like it was done ironically as an imitation of shitness.

3 – question your whole raison d’etre. If you’re living in LA providing PR for this kind of stuff is this really where you want your life to be heading? I would suggest in a few years this will not give you satisfaction. You should move to a country or city where there is all kinds of new work being done by people the world is not watching, such as maybe Moscow. Or Bombay. Then go through some soul searching and build an empire of people who are taking music as art in a direction that society needs.

Let me know how it goes.