POF Radio – Episode 12

Normal show, no theme, just some good tunes this week: (every Friday at 5PM on indie-verse.com and re-air at 9AM on Saturdays). This week’s playlist:


“Everyone” – The WillowzEveryone (dim mak)
“Northern Soul” – Darker My Love2 (?)
“I Saw Him” – Fresh & OnlysS/T (castleface)
“I Wanna Be A Girl” – King Khan & The ShrinesThe Supreme Genius of (vice)
“You’re a Target” – No AgeLosing Feeling (sub pop)
“False Jesii Part 2” – Pissed JeansKing of Jeans (sub pop)
“The Shape of Punk That Never Came” – United NationsS/T (ear
“Hologram” – Digital LeatherSorcerer
“Parasited Out” – Slang ChickensS/T (psychedelic judaism)
“Heart Attack” – Brimstone HowlGuts of Steel (alive)
“Waiting” – The RentalsReturn of the Rentals
“Molly’s Lips” (vaselines cover) – NirvanaIncesticide (dgc)
“Needle Drop” – The No-GosCassette (ruffian)
“Infinity Skull Cube” – DD/MM/YYYYBlack Square
“Beg Waves” – Ponytail Ice Cream Spiritual
“Can’t Get Over You” – Vivian GirlsEverything Goes Wrong (in the red)
“Animal Ghost” – Abe VigodaSkeleton (?)
“Pumpkin” – Male Bonding
“Teenage Shutdown” – LovversThink (?)