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POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


POF Radio: Episode 17 All Texas

Playlist for this week’s Parade of Flesh Radio show on indie-verse.com. All Texas edition:

“Song” – ArtistAlbum

“Friendly Ghost” – HarlemHippies
“Friday In Paris” – The Strange Boys Be Brave
“Rise” (PiL cover) – Tripping Daisy Time Capsule
“I Want to Die in the Hot Summer” – I Love You But I’ve Chosen DarknessS/T
“Hot Sinners” – Black LipstickConverted Thieves
“Grown Crazy” – Woven BonesSplit w/ Jacuzzi Boys
“Babylon” – HeaddressTurquoise
“Wheelchair Epidemic” (Dicks cover) – The Jesus Lizard
“Kill from the Heart” – The Dicks
“Vultures” – Leg SweeperDemo
“The Condutor” – UmeEp
“All Yesterday’s Parties” – Nervous CurtainsOut of Sync With Time
“Don’t Look that Way at it” – White DenimWorkout Holiday
“Are You an Assassin?” – The Hex DispensersS/T
“Total Extinction” – Mammoth Grinder Extinction of Humanity
“The Way is Narrow” – Iron AgeThe Way is Narrow
“Astronomer’s Fyre” – MalevellerEP

This week’s bed music was “Holographic Landscape” by S U R V I V E.