POF Radio Episode 18

All the bands on this week’s episode are playing for Parade of Flesh in some fashion between Sunday March 14th and Saturday March 20th.

Life Coach by Fang Island
No Life by DD/MM/YYYY
Snowday! by Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!
Captain of Me (Electronic Remix) by Giggle Party
Teenage Shutdown by Lovvers
Pumpkin by Male Bonding
Animal Ghosts by Ave Vigoda
Damaged by Vivian Girls
Daydream by Beach Fossils
Minor It Down by True Widow
Growing by Little Girls
Charlie Moon by Charlie & the Moonhearts
Simulator by Digital Leather
The Recluse by TV Ghost
Finally Grunge by When Dinosaurs ruled the earth
Bison Eyes by Quest for Fire
And the Gnawing… HOWL
False Hope by Struck by Lightning

Bed music this week was Juarez’s Old River, Dry River which will be avail very shortly on a 10″ being put out by my label, US Two records.