POF Radio: Episode 37, Bday Show

LISTEN HERE: (or via the cbs radio app) INDIE-VERSE Dallas. or 100.3 HD3FM

Most of the bands being played today are playing today or tomorrow for my Birthday show(s) at The Nightmare. The last few tracks were played just because I felt like it. Airs at 5pm CT on Friday, rebroadcast at 9AM and 12noon on Saturdays.  Look for a new time slot in August.

Artist – Track

Pack of Wolves – betrayer
Maleveller – astronomer’s frye
Golden Axe – the cliffs of insanity
Predator – little prince
Leg Sweeper – vultures
Leg Sweeper – i’m down
Bass Drum of Death – get found
Bass Drum of Death – spare room
Bad Sports – nothing but agitation
Bad Sports – on video
The Coathangers – bury me
The Coathangers – arthritis sux *judi chicago remix (dan deacon?)
Slang Chickens – let’s microwave
Slang Chickens – blues dripping down my leg
The Murder City Devils – midnight service at the mutter museum
Dead Low Tide – lazer lazer lazer love
The Night Marchers – in dead sleep (i snore zzzz)
Rocket from the Crypt – killy kill again