POF Radio: Episode 57

Not a lot of talk from me this week, as I have been beat with all the Bro Fest announcements and related matters. Already booking into APRIL/MAY!

Today’s show:

“Stallions” by Wires on Fire
“Pine On” by OBITS
“Paperwork” by Hot Snakes
“San Pedro” by Mogwai
“Methlahem” by Owen Hart
“A Curse” by The Body
“Fag Feels Good” by Grooms (aka the cigarette song)
“Counting Sevens” by White Hills
“Burn Bridges” by DOM
“Let Me Take You Out” by Class Actress
“Pop Logic” by Screens
“Summertime Hearts” by XRY
“Eleni” by Young Prisms
“Palm-Aire” by Bikini
“Irons” by Hardin Sweaty and the Ready to Go
“Smiles” by Followed By Static