POF Radio: Episode 77

Another fine edition of Parade of Flesh radio (each and every Thursday at 4PM CT).

Here is an archive of today’s show, which will re-air on indie-verse.com over the next couple of days if you don’t want to download.

Twin Killers – Still Life of Curves & Curls (playing at Bryan St Tavern on 7/9 w. Cocky Americans and Hormones
The Feelies – Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover)
A Certain Ratio – All Night Party
Black Eyes – Deformative
Rippers – Right Time to Kill You
Joyce Manor – Constant Headache (playing at Rubber Gloves on 7/6 w. Manned Missiles & Babar
Pretty Girls Make Graves – 3 Away (live)
Harlem – Beautiful & Very Smart
Yourself & The Air – Sick Days (playing at City Tavern on 7/26)
Woodsman – Insects (playing at City Tavern on 9/19)
The Detachment Kit – Ricochet
Vaz – Sine Language (playing at Rubber Gloves on 8/30 w/ Pygmy Shrews)
Daughters – Marry Me (lie lie) (birthday party cover)
The Body – A Curse (playing at Bryan St. Tavern on 9/14 w/ Braveyoung)
Giant (formerly Braveyoung) – Horned & Blind
Aphex Twin – Logon Rock Witch