Premiere: OKAPI – Batch 5

Always scouring for something original and unique, we came across a “manipulated classical opera” album by turntablist økapi. Originally by deceased composer Aldo Kapi, the upcoming Opera Riparata (Fixed Opera) will be available through ILLEGAL ART and we are proud to be able to post one of batches/portions of The Fixed Opera. Three to Five song batches of the album will be available through ILLEGAL ART, which you can subscribe to their mailing list to be notified of the releases and a chance to win a copy of the album.

DOWNLOAD BATCH #05 mp3 via Illegal Art.

“Opera Riparata (Fixed Opera) is a recomposition of 40 famous Operas, following the contemporary framework of digital remix (cutting, breaking down, juxtaposing and overlapping). The Fixed Opera implies two different parts: studio session and live performance. In the first step, Okapiworks on parallel paths mashing up the 40 Operas in short portions of 1’11” time length each. The strictness of the writing mode is controverted in the latter part, when these ration and individual means meet, crash and melt, following the logic and the spontaneity of contemporary improv modules.”