Queens added to Little Joy show

Who is Queens?  Queens is Scott Mou solo.  Scott is also half of JANE from Panda Bear/Animal Collective fame.

“Having met whilst working in a New York record store (undoubtedly alongside the obligatory resident cat), Scott Mou and Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear of the Animal Collective) bonded over their love of Detroit, Chicago and Berlin dance and formed Jane with the express purpose of ditching the binary and cranking up the soul. Comprised of three tracks (a fourth bonus cut on the CD), ‘Beserker’ is a good introduction to the Jane oeuvre, providing a precise cross section of their sound. Opening with the title track, Mou and Lennox present a rousing but beatless six minutes that has overt shades of Sigur Ros within its cushioned swelling vistas, an outlook similarly shared on the following ‘AGG Report’. Taking a cue from Twin Peaks, ‘AGG Report’ introduces a dubby fingered rhythm that appropriates a ~scape refit of Plug Reasearch-era Tejada that swoops and soars throughout. Closing the record is ‘Slipping Away’, a dark-hearted midnight trip down to the woods that uses a slow burn, Bert Jansch framework to silhouette a polite (but insistent) build towards an anbalogue heavy, jackhammer beat.” – from boomkat.com