Quick Five w/ FIGHT AMP

New Jersey hard rock Act, Fight Amp will be opening for another NJ band, Titus Andronicus this Wednesday, April 20th, 2011. Soviet will play between Fight Amp and Titus Andronicus.

1) Heavy band on a not-so-heavy-bill. How do you think that will pan out?

Fight Amp -We always look forward to shows like this, being the oddballs on a bill can be exciting. Who wants to constantly “preach to the choir”? The way we see it, people are either gonna love us, or be weirded out…either way we’re stoked!

2) You guys ever see Titus Andronicus before? They are also from NJ.

FA -We haven’t seen them yet, but are familiar with their music and dig what they’re doing. They seem to have a punk rock mindset, and even though we sonically sound different, at the very least we can say we’re coming from the same place. It is kind of strange that our paths are finally crossing in Dallas, but then again, we’re from South Jersey and i’m pretty sure Titus is from North Jersey, for some reason that can feel like two different states.

3) What’s ‘next’ for Fight Amp?

FA -We’ve been writing for our next release between touring. It looks like we’re gonna take most of the summer to finish that up and record, then, hopefully, we’ll be on the road again later this year.

4) Any of you guys wear masks?

FA -Our guitar player wears a chicken bucket on his head. Does that count?

5) Why such a long break since the album Manners and Praise?

FA -We released our first full length in 2008, and then Manners in 2009. It just felt natural to wanna take a little bit more of a break between full lengths and concentrate on doing seven inches and EPs. We recently released a 3-way split 12 inch with our friends Ladder Devils and Kowloon Walled City, and that came out great. We always have small one off releases in mind, honestly, way more than we could ever make happen.

* favorite place to stop, play and/OR eat on tour?

FA -Anywhere in the southwest, we’re all about the TexMex