Quick Five w/ FLOOR

A never-ending series of Five question interviews with bands playing a Parade of Flesh curated show… today, we have the legendary FLOOR. FLOOR is currently on tour and making a stop through Dallas on April 29th at the Historic Sons of Hermann Hall with Austin’s Mammoth Grinder and Kill The Client.

1) What is the origin of the name, FLOOR? Is it coincidence that TORCHE is also a
one-syllable word?

FLOOR: The name Floor came from an original song called “beneath the floor”, when the
band was still called “grEn stick” (spelled with that capital ‘E’). And yes Torche
was coincidently named as a one-syllable word.

2) Did robotic empire AND / OR chunklet persuade you guys to reissue the entire
catalog and more?

FLOOR: Yes, Andy from Robotic supported, and somewhat persuaded (us) to put out the

3) Any plans for new material after seeing the re-ignited ‘demand’ for Floor?

FLOOR: It hasn’t been discussed, (we’re) just happy to be on the road and play to people
who haven’t seen (us) before.

4) What is your favorite band that wears masks? and have any of you been in a band
that wears masks?

FLOOR (Steve Brooks): KISS, and “no we’re not that ugly”.

5) Do you ever have douche-bags yelling out Torche songs to play during FLOOR sets?

FLOOR: No, but Torche has douche bags yell out requests for Floor songs.

* Favorite place to stop, play and/or eat on tour?

FLOOR: Reggae Shack in Gainesville, FL

FLOOR’s show is on sale now, as well as TORCHE and BIG BUSINESS in August. Both available here.