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Quick Five w/ Parallels & Sextape

In this edition of Quick Five w/, we have a little twist; instead of POF asking the questions, we got  Marcus Webb from Sextape to interview Cam from Parallels.  Enjoy and come see them both this Thursday at Club Dada.

1) Marcus Webb: Tell us about the Toronto music scene. Do you feel like a part of
it? Or is that just where you come from?
Cam from Parallels: It’s a pretty tight-knit scene, and we’ll always have an affinity for it because it’s our home. We haven’t been too connected with the music scene there recently, but there is a lot good talent in Toronto that’s starting to surface.

2) MW: Top three synths (hardware or software) you use in production?
C: Roland Juno-60, Dave Smith Prophet 08, Korg MS2000. I got a Yamaha CS40m recently and have been using that a lot as well.

3) MW: Do you find being a duo of vocalist & producer freeing or limiting?
C: We don’t find it limiting in terms of writing but performing is different. We’d like to add more players to the group but at this point cant really afford it. So we do what we can as a duo and are hoping to expand our live show for the next tour.

4) MW: How do you feel about the current presence of electronic dance
music in the “post-blog-house-era”?
C: It’s evolving and even more fragmented than even a couple years ago. Its interesting to see what’s stuck around given that music-eras are changing so rapidly.

5) MW: Favorite moment on this tour so far?
C: Going to Sedona, Arizona to see UFOs and Jesus in the desert.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
PARALLELS (toronto)
Able Youth
@ Dada Dallas
2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX
$7 for 21+
$10 for under
on sale  here.