Quick Five w/ SOVIET

It’s been a busy month, so I’m continuing to do previews of upcoming shows through mini-interviews of acts coming through town for Parade of Flesh curated shows. Today we have John Spies on behalf of local act, SOVIET who have been receiving a lot of buzz lately.  They will be opening for Titus Andronicus this Wednesday, April 20th. Fight Amp opens at 9pm.

1) – In your mind, what made Soviet gain more attention after the 35 Conferette show?

John Spies: Probably the Observer and the DFW.com articles about it, and that we went nuts, swinging from the rafters and kissing people and all that noise. I think a lot of people there who hadn’t seen us were just floored by the absurdity of it all. But I doubt it would have made a difference if those articles hadn’t brought it to people’s attention, so…good on them for doing that.

2) – Why do you think Soviet is a good fit for Titus Andronicus show?
JS: I think we appeal to the same audience that digs Titus, and from what I’ve read about their live show, we definitely share the same desire to simply destroy and bang heads when we play. In a way we also fit the kind of “we do what we want but we love you” vibe that Titus gives off, that true independent streak they have is rare.

3) – Do you have an album or EP coming out?
JS: We just released a collection of demos called Doom for free on our bandcamp, and more importantly, we just finished writing our first proper record which we will get in a studio with this summer. We may debut a couple of those new songs at the show. No promises though.

4) – Do you guys ever wear masks?
JS: Not on stage, but we have driven around Dallas in Guy Fawkes masks and tagged government buildings with “Soviet”. Anarchy in the U.S. of A. Or something.

5) – Was the last album you purchased on CD or vinyl, and what was it?
JS: I’m more of a 7 inch guy because they are cheap, but the last full album I bought was Hurricane #1’s self titled album. It’s not that great, but I’m a 80’s/90’s brit music junkie, so I was pleased.

I have that album too, and it’s good.