Quick Five w/ The GERMAN MEASLES

Quick little interview with New York garage punk act, The German Measles who are opening for The Crystal Stilts on April 30th at Club Dada. Their debut A German Joke is no Laughing Matter is out via What’s Your Rupture?.

1) – If this you guys first tour? Will this be The German Measles first time in Dallas?
Nick: We went on one tour down the West Coast with the Beets about a year ago. It’ll be our first time in Dallas—we definitely weren’t anywhere near there on November 22nd 1963.

2) – Anyone in any other bands or projects?
Serge: Nik and I project something a little different in a band called Beachniks

3) – What is the one thing you want people to know about The German Measles and the new album A German Joke is No Laughing Matter?
David: The cover art was done by a chimpanzee.

4) – How do you feel about bands that wear masks?
David: Stick to stick-ups!

5) – How did the tour with Crystal Stilts come about?
Serge: We owed them a pretty big favor after that salvia / saliva mixup

* – Favorite Place to stop, play and/or eat on tour?
Serge: Water World