Five quick questions with THOSE DARLINS. A brief interview for their upcoming show at Rubber Gloves in Denton on Friday April 22nd with John Wesley Coleman (11pm) and OBN-III (10PM). Those Darlins play at 12am.

1) – How is the tour going with Austin’s Black Joe Lewis?

THOSE DARLINS: The tour is goin great. We’ve got our last date with them [today] in San Francisco. Tears will be cried, beers will be drank, and we’ll miss all 28 of those guys. Each and every honeybear is special in their own way.

2) – How does Funstix differ from Those Darlins?

TD: Funstix is a side project of ours. Lin and Jessi [of Those Darlins] play in that band with Dillon of d. Watusi and Spencer Duncan, who shreds the bass. They’ve only played live about 4 times but they’ve got a bunch of songs and tricks up their sleeves for the future.

3) – Why did you select Jeff of Small Black to produce the new album? (or why do you feel someone making washed out electronic-pop would be a good choice to produce the new album?)

TD: Well we worked with Jeff on the first record as well and it was a great fit. Hes a good friend of ours, a great producer, and above all, he understood what we were trying to accomplish with this album. Regarding genre, jeff is a wizard who can tackle everything. Small black is amazing but he’s also worked with us and vampire weekend so he’s clearly not afraid to branch out. On top of all that, jeff loves family matters.

4) – Does your band ever wear masks?

TD: let’s answer a question with a question: is this a question that you typically ask people and why?

Yes, everyone is being asked the mask question in some format, I think the only good act with a band that wears’ masks is Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt, but that’s technically for microphone purposes…. Pink & Brown are great too. Gwar? nah.

TD: Mudmasks? Yes. Facial peels. Sure. But let’s be clear, this isn’t slipknot.

5) – If you could have any band tour with you in the future, then who would it be and why? (would you want them to open or headline?)

TD: Wow any band? How’s this bill: King Tuff, Those Darlins, and The Rolling Stones. I think that’d be killer. Why? Are you kidding? I think this one answers itself