Quick five w/BARUCH The SCRIBE

Here’s a little preview from Baruch the Scribe who are playing with Real Estate and Boy Friend at Club Dada tonight (Friday).  Love Inks will open at 9pm sharp, then Baruch at 10pm. I asked Judson Valdez of Baruch The Scribe to answer a few questions on behalf of the band:

1) why do you feel Baruch the Scribe is a good fit for real estate?

Judson Valdez: I love what Real Estate does with the texture of their songs. It’s something that I really notice in music lately. In Baruch, we spend a lot of time working on the texture of our music. We spend about as much time choosing what samples to use in different parts in the set as writing the songs. I can’t say the textures of the two bands are the same, but I think there’s an attention given to texture by Real Estate and I appreciate that a lot.

2) what is the band currently working on or have upcoming?

JV: We have been working on a release for about 8 months now and I am happy to say that we are almost done.  I don’t really see the purpose of calling something an EP or an LP these days so I’m not sure what to call it yet but it’ll be pretty much all of the songs we have written in the past year.  The track I’m sending you is actually from that album, and you’re the first person to have it.

3) how many shows have Baruch the scribe played out?

JV: We played a lot of shows in the Denton/Dallas when we first started out but have slowed down a bit to work on our recordings.  We haven’t gotten outside of Texas yet but are planning to very soon…

4) Does your band ever wear masks?

JV: Masks? No, but I read this email last night right before I fell asleep and then had a dream that Baruch won some sort of contest but to receive the prize the game show host said that we had to wear masks to our next show.

5) if you donated to the tsunami victims in Japan, then why no love for Haiti?

JV: Woah…harsh… I can’t say I’ve directly donated to either cause as of yet…not sure if that’s better or worse of me…