Recent Press & Nominations

As the end of the year approaches, annual best of lists and even music nominations are out:

Best of 2012 Awards by Dallas Observer Music Awards:
For the FOURTH year in a row, PARADE OF FLESH has been nominated in the – BEST TALENT BUYER Category. To our surprise, “Bro Fest” was nominated in the Best Festival category.


BEST SXSW HANGOVER CURE: BRO FEST – It happens the same time every year. On the last day of SXSW — when feet are blood balloons and brain is mush, when you’re hovering between death and exhilaration — comes the lifesaving hair of the dog. It’s Bro Fest. Parade of Flesh’s John Iskander grabs a handful of bands coming through Austin, shakes them in a bag and dumps them madly upon Dallas. It’s messy, loud and fantastic. It’s raw fun, whether you go to SXSW or not. If you are on the way up from Austin, however, it’s the musical equivalent of a bloody mary. Last year’s event was at Club Dada, so head over to and let them know we want our SXSW hangover cure again in 2013.

BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE (Small): SONS OF HERMANN HALL – Sons of Hermann Hall is one of those venues that feels untouched by time, and that’s a good thing. The rumors that it’s possibly haunted only add to the allure, and with more than 100 years of history thumping around in those walls, seeing a show there just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. (Or is that something … else?) We love the upstairs room, especially now that Parade of Flesh has started booking shows there, but catching a show in the downstairs bowling alley is an added bonus. More of that, please.

PS: – Best Interwebs Radio Station: INDIE-VERSE. Great for them to receive this long-overdue credit; did you know POF has a weekly show on indie-verse every Thursday afternoon?