Recently Acquired

New stuff since the last time . . .

INK & DAGGERLove Is Dead 7″ (six feet under) – I found this at Amoeba in San Francisco last week. This band doesn’t exist b/c the lead singer died, but I know lead singer of Thursday performed with them live on Halloween a couple years back. Repress of a 1996 release. Clear vinyl, issued in 2010.

LEATHERWretched 7″ (fan death) – Four song EP from these mislabeled Philly punk kids. This release is more catchy and sing-a-long compared to Sterile 7″ and Achorite 7″; maybe their harsh sound is recorded with more clarity? Insert with lyrics.

STEVE MOORE / MAJEUREBrainstorm (temporary residence limited) – While not predictable musically; sonically it is exactly what you should expect from these two modern sci-fi prog masters from Zombi. Comes out this February on Temporary Residence Limited.

THE MURDER CITY DEVILS – Every Day I Rise/ Ball Busters In the Peanut Gallery – First release in a Decade.  On black, pink and white vinyl. They might already be sold out but you can order it from their website.

PRINCE RAMATrust Now (paw tracks) – Released this past October. Playing Sxsw, Bro Fest 2012 in March and Psyche Fest in Austin this April. Listen here.

ROYAL BATHS Better Luck Next Life (kanine)- Austin’s Royal Baths are really making some steam with this new release… I hosted them a while back, during their HoZac Records days, I think with The Fresh & Onlys. Currently on Kanine Records.

WILD//TRIBE Endless Nights 12″ (rescued from life) – Japanese inspired dueling vocals old-school punk rock from Fort Worth. Listen at their bandcamp.