Recently Acquired

New stuff . . .

DENT MAYDo Things (paw tracks) – Full Album stream on Spin. Playing at Bryan St. Tavern on June 15th with Browningham & Dim Locator.

JAILLTraps (sub pop) – Summer-time feeling follow up to 2010’s That’s How We Burn. Besides the single “Waste A Lot of Things”, stand outs include “Perfect Ten” and “Haunting which has a video (below) playing with The Coathangers on August 3rd at Bryan Street Tavern.

KING TUFF – Sub Pop still has some of the best packaging for those still willing to buy CDs. KT new album comes with a post-card set with lyrics and artwork. Playing at City Tavern with Natural Child on July 10th, on sale now. FULL ALBUM STREAM:

NIGHT BEATS/TRMRS – Split 7″ (volcom) – colored vinyl.

SINGLE MOTHERS – Christian Girls 7″ (secret voice) – Playing at La Grange in July??