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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased or given to POF:

ADVENTURES/T (carpark) – Hyperactive Wham City solo electronic act, inspired by Dan Deacon. Makes you think you are living in an amped up version of the classic Nintendo videogame: The Legend of Zelda.



BOB LOG IIILog Bomb (fat possum) – Legendary one-man band’s classic album about breasts and getting plastered on scotch. He will be playing Club Dada on May 29th.

WILLIEM MAKER New Moon Hand (big legal mess) – Solo southern blues act from Alabama will be touring with Bob Log III, which makes a stop in Dallas on May 29th at Club Dada. Album is released this month, here is an mp3 of “Hex Blues“.

MASERATI/ZOMBISplit 12” (temporary residence ltd) We are only in March and I already lost count on how many bands are releasing splits this year. Zombi makes creepy horror music soundtracks.

PTERODACTYLWorldwide (brah) The most cohesive and fluid release to date from this Brooklyn art rock group. In addition to comfortable vocal hooks and attention-grabbing tracks, Worldwide is more organized and sounds much cleaner than S/T (aka Blue Jay). By reducing the random experimentation inside each song, the band has perfected all elements of their chaos to a very balanced and recognizable sound. Their innovation is still present, but it is used wiser than before. Pterodactyl plays the inaugural SXSFlesh on March 22nd and Worldwide is released sometime in April. MP3 of “First Daze“.

RECORD HOP – S/T (txmf) 2nd album from Dentron’s female fronted, indie rock band. Album artwork and packaged designed by Nevada Hill. Contains photo cards with lyrics for each track.


SLEEPY SUNEmbrace (sol diamond) – Eight songs are featured on the debut LP from this young and energetic San Franciscan atmospheric psychedelic-folk six-piece, who draw influence “from early Black Sabbath, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Can, and Creation Records, to more contemporary local acts like Comets on Fire and Mammatus.”* Sleepy Sun will play the inaugural SXSFlesh in Dallas on March 22nd and Embrace is released May 26th.


THURSDAYCommon Existence (epitaph) – New Jersey screamo, 10 years in the making. All the songs on Common Existence are blatantly about various long, slow and painful methods of dying. The kids love this because they get encouraged to sing, really loud, at their shows, which deters adults from listening to this; people would be pleasantly surprised.


*- taken from Tell All Your Friends press interview with Sleepy Sun; Feb 2009

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