Recently Acquired + mp3

AIDS WOLF/NIGHT WOUNDS Split 12″ (nail in the coffin)
CRYSTAL ANTLERSS/T LP + mp3 (touch & go)

EDIE SEDGWICK – Things are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer mp3 (dischord) This is an mp3 and/or LP+mp3 release, no cds from what I understand. Justin Moyer, of Antelope and the former El Gato/Supersystem, dresses up like Edie and performs catchy (and danceworthy) songs about celebrities and being a drag queen. Performs live with a full band on Nov. 20th at The Lounge on Elm St with PVC Street Gang and Scuba Team Go!


INCISORTrendshitter (saw her ghost)
JAY REATARDTrapping Here/Hiding/DOA 7″ (matador) – Three different back covers with each unruly band member.

LOVING THUNDER/MOUNTAIN HIGHSplit 7″ (hot dog city) – Loving Thunder is from Seattle and had a string of left coast dates with Mountain High this past October. Mtn. High is a Philly based band which, at times sounds like Jared Warren from Big Business fronting Japanther. They contribute two tracks to this split and have prior releases on Hot Dog City Records, as well as on Wantage USA. From the label: “this 7″ features a howling, rumbling, battle hymn: night tremors, and a car chase anthem: downhill champion recorded with an electronic drumset…lazer toms!”

MI AMI – Ark of the Covenant 12″ (lovers rock presents) – The 2nd release from this no-wave-percussion-friendly San Francisco trio, with all members coming from the abruptly ended D.C. punk band, Black Eyes (dischord). Mi Ami‘s first 12″, African Rhythms, is already sold-out, but I found a mp3 here. Their first full length album, Watersports, will be released by Quarterstick in February 2009.

NO AGETeen Creeps 7″ (sub pop) – black & red 45
PARTS & LABORRecievers LP + mp3 (jagjaguwar)
SUPERCONTIENTVaalbara (saw her ghost)
YACHTSummer Song Ep 12″ (dfa)
YOUNG WIDOWSOld Wounds LP (temporary residency ltd)