Recently Acquired

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased or given to POF.

BLACK DICEChocolate Cherry 7″ (catsup plate) – Limited to 500 copies; initially being sold on tour.

CHARLIE & The MOONHEARTSDrop In Drop Out 7″ (tic tac totally) – Recorded by Ty Segall

CHARLIE & The MOONHEARTSThunderbeast cdr (bubca) – Limited to 100 copies. Same tracks that are on their Telephone Explosion Records cassette. Features a cover of Del Shannon’s “Runaway”.

CHARLIE & The MOONHEARTS/TEEN ANGER Split 12″ (telephone explosion)

GOLDEN TRIANGLE6 Song Tour Ep 12″ (sangre libre) – Silkscreen cover designed by Raul De Nieves. Hand numbered out of 500.

HEADDRESSLunes 12″ + mp3 (no quarter) Mysterious and elusive, Austin psychedelic duo, with a prior release last year on Mexican Summer (an off-shoot of kemado).

HOLY FUCKLovely Allen 7″ (young turks) – B-side features a studio version of “Super Inuit”

HOLY FUCKS/T LP (young turks) – 2007 debut, surprisingly nothing new out since this release.

JANE – (self) – cdr in a 7″ sleeve.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERSMissing You Ep (rocket girl) – Four track EP with one track, a demo and two remixes. Cardboard sleeve.

The POLYCORNSS/T cdr (self) – Dallas duo’s 12 song debut that is completely influenced by Cold War Kids. Fairly predictable song structure and the soulful singing is a little contrived but people that frequent places like Barley House or Poor David’s Pub would be all over this.

The PRESENTWorld I See 2 x 12″ (loaf) –  Debut full-length from 2008; featuring members of Gang Gang Dance.  You really need to be in a special mood to listen to this.

QUEENS – ? (self) – cdr in a 7″ sleeve.

TROUBLE ANDREWRemixed + Remastered (virgin) – Could probably tour with an ipod and a microphone.

TY SEGALLUniversal Momma 7″ (true panther sounds) – Hand-numbered out of 500

TY SEGALL – Horn the Unicorn 12″ (hbsp-2x) – Compilation of out-of-print cassettes, a 7″ and some early gems; limited to a run of 500.

YAMAssumptions (blug fug) – Yam is an acronym for You & Me. Assumptions is entirely too long of an album, clocking in at 65 minutes. Overall it is really hokey and definitely not for me; with lyrics like “shazam” thrown-in at random (or songs titled “Make Time for Hugging” and “The Man Who Invented Syphilis”, its hard to take this album/band seriously. Features one member of Deep Snapper. Assumptions was recorded at Echolab.

Bootlegs – It’s been a while since I taped audio (and video) for any of my shows, but I want to say thanks to Chris Magee for recording some of my last few shows and I hope he continues to do so becauses its one less thing I have to think about during a show.