Recently Acquired + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

All items are UK imports.

The BRONXYoung Bloods 7″ (white drugs/wichita) – 1500 pressed

MALE BONDING/EAT SKULLSplit 7″ (tough love) – 500 copies on green vinyl. Hand numbered. “Year’s Not Long” Mp3.

MARIACHI EL BRONXCell Mates 7″ (wichita) – Transparent green vinyl and embossed sleeve. B-side is a Prince cover of “I Would Die 4 U.”

ROLO TOMASSIHysterics (hassle) – Dual singers balance this UK Hardcore outfit with a female werewolf on a few of the tracks. Wikipedia says they are “synth driven math-core”. “Oh, Hello Ghost” and “Abraxas” MP3s.

V/A – ONE INCH BADGE Split Series Vol. 3 7″ (oib) – Four way split with LOVVERS, KNYFE HYTS, BEST FWENDS and The DEATH SET; limited to 450 copies with four interchangeable covers designed by each band.  Comes with one of four pins.

V/A – SHRED YR FACE 7″ – LOS CAMPESINOS, NO AGE & TIMES NEW VIKING (syf)- UK Tour Ep from October 2008; limited to 1,000 copies. Been looking for this for a year and managed to find it when I purchased the 2nd volume. Times New Viking cover “Anything Could Happen” originally by late 70s New Zealand band, The Clean.

V/A – SHRED YR FACE 2 7″ – ROLO TOMASSI, FUCKED UP & The BRONX – Four label split release (Wichita Records/Matador/Hassle/Coalition) for 2009 UK Tour. 1500 pressed on transparent red vinyl. Features two covers, Fucked Up doing “Son of Sam”, originally by Chain Gang and The Bronx’s version of Gun Club’s “She’s Like Heroin to Me”.