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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

65daysofstaticWe Were Exploding Anyway (hassle) – Lengthy, album from UK electronic rock quartet with influences, I assume, from The Cure and Mogwai, maybe even Aphex Twin?

BLACK BREATHHeavy Breathing (southern lord) – Brutal anti-religious HC thrash metal slays on their 2nd full length. Coming through Dallas at Trees on May 22nd along side a slew of metal/hardcore/punk bands Converge, Coalesce, Gaza and Lewd Acts.

DISAPPEARSLUX (kranky) – I came across Disappears on a trip to Chicago over Thanksgiving. Since then their two 7”s and Live album have been on constant rotation at house of Flesh. Disappears’ debut album, LUX, thus far, is their finest output of their signature rock, layered with dark psychedelic fuzz sound. Embarking on a June East Coast tour with Woven Bones. Recently toured with Tortoise and opened for Jesus Lizard New Year’s Eve.

GOLDEN TRIANGLEDouble Jointer (hardly art) – Listening to this made me appreciate their earlier XXXX release even more. Absolute head-banging female led garage pop from Brooklyn – sounds as if you’re listening them party!

SLEIGH BELLSDEMO & 2HELLWU (self) – Poison the Well’s guitarist shreds with a sultry female with dodgy and foul dance beats. Easily found on the evil interweb:

Demo Here


VERMILION SANDSS/T (alien snatch) German label, Alien Snatch, literally snatched up this crisp and clean hidden gem. Female led, Italian garage pop that is pretty accessible if you enjoy her twangy voice. Prior releases on Fat Possum, Hell Yeah! and on Italian label, Rijapov. “Wake Me When I Die” mp3.

WASHED OUT2010 Tour EP (self)

The WILLOWZEquation#6/Questionaire 7” (acid bird) 2005 release.

The WILLOWZI’ll Go Crazy/Head 7” (april 77) – French label with scratch off download.

The WILLOWZ/SCARLINGSplit 7” (sympathy for the record industry) – 2005 SXSW showcase split with The Willowz track “Break Me Down.”