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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

Scion A/V Garage: Bad Lupo Grande 7″ Trailer from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

BAD LUPO GRANDERockabilly Fever 7” (scion a/v) – Fourth in a series of Garage rock 7” released by scion/vice audio/visual label funded by Toyota. This one you have to pay for… the first three were promotional giveaways from independent record stores and scion sponsored events.

BASS DRUM Of DEATH High School Roaches 7” (baby don’t)

EARLY MANDeath Potion (the end) – After a lengthy hiatus, (a four song EP in 2008), the triumphant weed fueled, Early Man returns as a four piece with a new full length album; their first since 2005’s Closing In (matador). Ten new tracks and two re-recorded songs taken off their first 3-song EP on Monitor Records (Baltimore, OXES/Part Chimp/etc) “Fight” and “The Undertaker is Calling You”. Old school, head-banging metal riffs a plenty.

GG KINGAdult Rock 7” (douchemaster) – Garage punk side project from members of the Carbonas (mainly greg giles) This one features Gentleman Jesse.

GG KINGBabbling Voices 7” (local cross) – Die cut sleeve.

GG KINGDrug Zoo 7” (robs house) – Another side project with a revolving group of musician friends. 800 on black. 100 numbered with a poster.

JEFF The BROTHERHOODThe Boys R Back In Town 12” (infinity cat) – White & clear blue split vinyl, 300 pressed. Garage/jam sessions. Silkscreen sleeve from a previously used vinyl sleeve. Hand numbered.

LIGHTNING BOLTEarthly Delights 12” (load) – Double vinyl, gatefold and etching the D-Side.

MASTODONJust Got Paid/The Bit 7” (volcom) – Mastodon covers ZZ Top and Melvins. Pressed on orange/yellow vinyl.

PREDATOREP 7” (rob’s house) 700 copies

ROCKET FROM The CRYPTAll Systems Go 2 & 3 (Swami/vagrant) – B-Sides rarites collection.

UNWED TEENAGE MOTHERSS/T (play pinball) – Denton label, Play Pinball! Releases a new project by Bass Drum of Death. Trent of Play Pinball! States “The Unwed Teenage Mothers are Colin’s (drummer from BDOD) full band with John Barrett on drums, and Johnny Valiant from Lover and some oxford garage staples on bass and Zach Tutor on keys. Their first single/EP came out March on Tic Tac Totally and they’ve got another full length in thee pipes, no label yet, but it’s finished recording.”

TY SEGALL/JEFF The BROTHERHOODSplit 7” (infinity cat) – 500 copies pressed on peach vinyl. Hand numbered.