Recently Acquired

New stuff since the last time I posted this.

ABE VIGODAThrowing Shade 7″ (ppm) – The most upbeat song I have ever heard from Abe Vigoda.

AT THE DRIVE INLive in Tokyo, Japan, January 18, 2001 12” (lost horse) – Title says it all right? Dirty orange-yellow vinyl.

BEST COASTCrazy For You 12″ (mexican summer) – Very large run for Mexican Summer with 4000 copies pressed.

HUMAN INTRUDER/THOUA Faire Quarrell Split 7″ (dead earth) – ANOTHER Split featuring Baton Rouge sludge dudes, THOU; yet again with meticulous packaging. Three panel sleeve, with lyric. Black vinyl

INTELLIGENCEMales ( ) Its good and what you’d expect from Intelligence.

KILL The CLIENTCleptocracy 12″ (rescued from life) – Prelapse (Pre-relapse) release from Dallas based underground grindcore veterans who go national on October 26th with their Relapse debut Set for Extinction. Cleptocracy is 18 brutally fast grindcore songs including an INFEST cover of “Terminal Nation”. Insert features lyrics and artwork by Aaron Nichols.

KILL The CLIENT/THOUSANDSWILLDIESplit 7″ (rsr) – German powerviolence/grindcore label releases this HC split on translucent yellow vinyl limited to 200 copies.

NO AGEGlitter 7″ & 12″ (sub pop) – On tour now. I have been hearing rumors that the upcoming album, Everything in Between is their best effort yet!

PISSED JEANSKing of Jeans lp (sub pop) – I’ve been listening to this since November and finally decided to buy it on vinyl. Cream colored vinyl.

SIR NAME & The JaneBag of Trouble CDR (self) – Nine self-released tracks from deservedly “buzzed” about Dallas garage pop locals who are opening for Harlem on Sept 17th along with Tiger Thrust.

V/A – Welcome Home/Diggin’ The Universe 12” (woodsist) – Woodsist’s first (?) compilation and it’s back with winning cuts from Woods, Run Dmt, White Fence, The Fresh & Onlys, Moon Duo, Art Museums, Nodzz, Ducktails and more!