Recently Acquired

New stuff since last time.

BARE WIRESSeeking Love (castle face) – Dirty vintage Oakland garage punk fronted by Matthew Melton.

DUSTIN WONGInfinite Love DBL LP (thrill jockey) – Ponytail leader unveils his debut album since their break-up. Two lengthy psychedelic instrumental loops/songs that run 40 minutes each – almost the best parts of Ponytail minus the vocals. “The LP version comes with an exclusive bonus EP entitled Indigo and Crystal.”

FILM SCHOOLFission (hi-speed soul) – Twelve solid tracks from established shoegazer/post-punk band from San Francisco who broke in 2001 with their album A Brilliant Career. Playing at the Nightmare on Sept. 22nd.

FRANKIE & THE OUTSS/T LP (slumberland) – Debut from the ex-member of Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts.

FUCKED UPAltamont 10” (altamont) – Clothing company Altamont gave away a live two song vinyl EP by Fucked Up with their Fall 2010 catalog. Its 48 pages of Altamont goods then a “live at WFMU” recording from July 21st, 2007. Tracks are “Intro/Fate of Fates” and “Invisible Leader”. Artwork by Pinkeye.

HARLEMLSD Saves 7” (female fantasy) – 7” with two exclusive tracks; including “Mood Ring”. If you didn’t make it out last night to see Harlem, then you missed out on an excellent performance on their final night of tour.

MATTHEW MELTONStill Misunderstood Lp (southpaw) – Solo stuff pre-Bare Wires and Snake Flower 2. Limited to 100 copies on red vinyl; the rest black.

SISTERSGhost Fits (narnack) – Bro Fest 2010 alumni, Sisters, release their first full-length album. The lo-fi indie duo from Brooklyn are “Self-described as “messy pop rock fallout,” (and) the album is covered with distortion and infused with eminently danceable grooves.”

SNAKE FLOWER 2Renegade Daydream 12” (tic tac totally) – Exciting punk/psyche rock and roll featuring Matthew Melton of Bare Wires.

SNAKE FLOWER 2 – Talk About It 7” (tic tac totally)

SNAKE FLOWER 2 – Things Seem 7” (iekk! Sounds)

WHITE SHIT Carry Me 7” (ppm) – Fourth vinyl only release from side project of Big Business. The final track on this EP, “The Screaming Face” is their finest work yet.
“500 Pressed. 400 Black, 100 translucent maroon vinyl. Photocopied insert.”

WILD NOTHINGCloudbusting 7” (captured tracks)

WILD NOTHINGSummer Holiday 7” (captured tracks)