POFTX – Dallas, TX

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POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


Recently Acquired

New stuff, since the last time . . .

BACKTRACKDeal With The Devil 7” (6131) – White vinyl; various colors.

CIRCLE PITSewercide/Roll with The Punches 7” (sweet rot/r.i.p society)

CIRCLE PITBruise Constellation LP (siltbreeze)

CRUEL HANDLock & Key LP (bridge nine) – Portland, Maine based Hardcore with their 2nd album. Released on white, gray and sea foam green vinyl.

DUNESS/T LP (mexican summer) – Ouf of pring and limited to 500 copies featuring Stephanie Chan, formerly of Mika Miko.

GRANDCHILDRENSaturn Returns 12” (green owl) – Three versions: Runaway Remix, Dub and Original.

GRANDCHILDRENEverlasting LP (green owl) – Gatefold vinyl for debut from Philadelphia Six-piece electronic pop rock. The download card for this album is made out of seeds and they encourage you to plant it. Go Earth.

HUMANERRORBeyond the Wasteland 7” (withdrawal) – Local area young hardcore band.

LOWER DENSI Get Nervous/John’s Song 7” (gnomonsong) – Featuring Dallas musician, Jana Hunter.

NO BUNNYBrace Face 7” (douchemaster) – “Also includes an awesome cover of Moto’s “It tastes just like a Milkshake.1000 pressed. 100 on grayish vinyl.”

NO JOYS/T 7” (mexican summer) – White vinyl. Praised by Best Coast.

SONNY & The SUNSETS Tomorrow is Alright LP (secret seven/soft abuse) – Sunny San Franciscan lo-fi pop with a revolving assemblage of musicians; always featuring the clever Sonny Smith.

SONNY & The SUNSETSThe Hypnotist/Stranded 7” (future stress) – Also features the tracks “Mondrian” and “Girl of The Streets”. Blue & yellow marble vinyl and comes with a few comics.

SONNY & The SUNSETSBroom & Dustpan 7” (homeskillet) – B/w “E.S.P.” on Orange vinyl. Alaskan record label!

V/A – America’s Hardcore LP (triple B) – US based hardcore compilation featuring major upcoming players in the scene, such as Backtrack, Bitter End, Cruel Hand, Power Trip and more. Comes with glossy magazine with photos, bios and liner notes.