Recently Acquired

New sh!t since the last time . . .

LORDS/KARYSUNSplit 10” (destructure) – “Anti-police” split translucent red 10”. Five new songs from Louisville, KY’s LORDS, including covers of “Hair of the Dog” by Nazareth, “Clayfist” by Kinghorse and an unrecognizable version of “The Guitar” originally by their friends Young Widows. Two tracks by French sludge band Karysun on B-side. Download here. (found via google search)

LUCKY LUKETraveling For A Living 12” (mexican summer) – Glasgow, Scotland folk rock band (5 to 8 members) with their 2nd album. 500 pressed and hand-numbered.

NO BUNNY/JACUZZI BOYS – Split 7” (scion) – The Scion A/V garage label is still releasing promotional 7”s. This is number nine or ten in the series with “Someone Else’s Brain” by No Bunny and “Boys Coral Girls” by Miami, FL’s Jacuzzi Boys. Stream here or here:
Scion A/V Garage: Nobunny / Jacuzzi Boys by ScionAV

POWER TRIPArmageddon Blues EP 7” (doubleornothing) – Red vinyl released by Dallas hardcore thrash band; includes a new version of “Acid” which appears on their Demo 7” from 2008.

SALVATIONMortality Interactions 12” (youth attack) – Pennsylvania hardcore band, Salvation has been keeping it underground for too long! Their 2nd LP, a powerful follow-up to Smoke & Mirrors, repressed in a gate-fold edition on lavender marble vinyl; limited to 300 copies. Download here. (found via google search).

TRIPPING DAISY i Got a Girl 12’ (island) – Originally released in 1995 as a single to i am an ELASTIC FIRECRACKER, Island records found some of these 12” in storage and sent just three to Good Records. EP has four songs including “Noose”, “Cause Tomb Shop” and “Margarita Tropendzando”.

The VACANT LOTSConfusion 7” (mexican summer) – Psychedelic revival duo from Vermont; 300 pressed and hand-numbered.

VILE GASH – 7” (youth attack) – 10 furiously fast songs by mid-west hardcore band, Vile Gash. White vinyl, with lyrics printed on inner sleeve. Limited to 300 copies. Download here. (found via google search).

V/A – CLONE – play slow. Die fast – Vol. 1 12” (blind date) – Four volume doom and sludge cover song compilation by German label; die-cut sleeve, 12 page 10” size booklet. Covers such as: Fistula on D.R.I., The Austrasian Goat on Bauhaus and Salome doing Fugazi. Download here. (found via google search).

V/A – CLONE – play slow. Die fast – Vol. 2 12” (blind date) – Same as above, but this volume has Moloch doing Rorschach, THOU’s rendition of Born Against, a Sepultura cover by On Pain of Death and Hey Colossus performing “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies. Download here. (found via google search).