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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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New shizzznatch since the last time . . .

A GIANT DOGThe Grand 7″ (sundae) – Female fronted rock band from Austin with Orville Neely of Bad Sports/OBN-III on drums.

GRAF ORLOCKDoombox 10″ & Trilogy cd (vitriol) – The sleeve of this album converts to a mock boombox. No joke. Best packaging since Horse The Band’s Pizza EP (came in a real pizza box). Cd features their entire catalog of songs.

NIRVANALive at the Palace, Melbourne, Australia 1.2.1992 12″ – (music communications) Yeah you’ve heard this band, but not this crystal clear recording. Double LP live radio broadcast on a show called LIVE WIRE; may have been released in 1994. Comes with a measly 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of copy paper with running time of tracks and all 17 song titles.

SCHILLER KILLERS/I.V.EYES – Split 7″ (rubber vomit) – 2nd release from No Bunny’s label.

V/A – CASUAL VICTIM PILE II LP- (12xu) – Underground label of Matador found Gerard, so I’m told. Black silk-screened insert/sleeve and white vinyl. Less proper and tends to be more raw than the first Casual Victim Pile. Austin garage, noise and punk compilation features Cruddy (mem. of Best Fwends),  A Giant Dog, Hatchet Wound, Naw Dude, OBN-III (mem. of Bad Sports), Rayon Beach, Expensive Shit (mem. of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth), The Zoltars and a shit load more; 18 tracks total. Record was pressed at A & R in Dallas.

V/A – PARTY PLATTER 12″ (florida’s dying) – 13 track garage label compilation with songs by No Bunny, Hunx and His Punx, Personal and the Pizzas and more. Artwork by Ben Lyon.