Recently Acquired

New tunes since the last time . . .

ADVENTURELesser Known (carpark) – I was suppose to host Adventure with Ear Pwr about two years ago but they didn’t get along and Adventure never made it to Dallas. I actually ran into him on Sunday at the Dan Deacon/Reading Rainbow/Zorch show.

BEEHIVE & The BARRACUDASPure Commotion (swami) – Final album from the ‘cudas? Lengthy full-color booklet included.

BUTTHOLE SURFERSBrown Reason to Live 12” (alternative tentacles) – This first came out in 1983. Reissued on vinyl, pressed in a batch of 350 shit-brown vinyl.

BUTTHOLE SURFERSLIVE PCPPEP 12” (alternative tentacles) – Originally released and recorded in San Antonio in 1984. Reissued on solid gold vinyl, 500 pressed.

HUMAN EYE/SEX BEETSplit 7” (scion) – The never ending split garage series from Scion A/V chugs along with Detroit punk of Human Eye and the surf-worthy sound of London’s Sex Beet. Listen here.

JENIFEREVERSilesia – I got a lot this week, so I don’t have much to say on this except that I wouldn’t mention Jeniferever if it wasn’t worthy to your ears.

MARNIE STERNDemo Cass (dog daze) – Ugh, lame cassette revival hasn’t died yet. I bought this for the digital download.

Marnie Stern – Demo by dog daze tapes

The MUMMIESNever Been Caught (telstar) – Probably my favorite album by The MUMMIES so I finally wanted to get a vinyl copy. This 1992 signature album showcases 17 prominent tracks from the Mummies catalog including “Skinny Minnie”, “Stronger than Dirt”, “Red Cobra #9″ and “She Lied”.

TEAMS vs. STAR SLINGER 12″ (mexican summer) – UK act Star Slinger abruptly canceled his tour to the states with Baths and Braids in February. This is “a collaboration between Star Slinger and Teams”.

TY SEGALLLive in Aisle Five 12″ (southpaw) – Live album recorded as a trio on July 30th, 2010 at Amnesia Bar in San Francisco. Thirteen tracks including covers of “Don’t Talk to me” originally by GG Allin and the Vibrators’ “Baby Baby”.

The WHAT CHEER? BRIGADEWe Blow You Suck 12” (anchor brain) – Big Brass punk rock marching band performing originals and covers of Lightning Bolt and Slayer. Silkscreen sleeve. Read a review of their most recent Dallas performance here.