Recently Acquired

According to the Chinese, 2009 is the Year of the OX, but it seems to be the year of the split record. In the past few weeks, I inadvertently have come across numerous split vinyl releases.

ABE VIGODASkeletons 12” (post present medium) – Cassette version avail through Not Not Fun Records.
ABE VIGODA/MIKAELA’S FIENDSplit 7” (zum audio) – light purple vinyl, insert with lyrics for the Abe Vigoda track – 2nd pressing of 300

BOTTOM OF THE HUDSON/COYOTESplit 12” (hot dog city) Silk-screened sleeve on front & back and comes with fold-out poster of album artwork. Bottom of the Hudson should be proud that their moniker was coincidently used repeatedly by News Anchors describing the fortunate US Airways flight which landed safely in the Hudson River this past week.

CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE/The DONKEYS – Split 7” (antenna farm) – Showcases two tracks from each bands.

CRYSTAL CASTLES VS. HEALTHCrimewave 12” (lies) – A split track from last summer featuring remixes by Sinden, L.A. Riots and Keith. I found it at REMIX Records in Deep Ellum this past Saturday, when they were giving Zini’s pizza away for some reason.

The DONKEYSLiving on the Other Side (Dead Oceans) – After hosting these four guys last week, I appreciate the songs on the album much more. When I listen to Living On the Other Side, I envision The Donkeys playing in a cabana on the beach in the summer, with a generous number of intoxicated patrons dancing on the warm sand.

MI AMIWatersports (quarterstick) – African influenced, experimental and tribal drum punk trio from San Francisco is comprised of two-thirds of Dischord’s short-lived and percussion driven, Black Eyes (2001-04). I still listen to both of Black Eyes Dischord releases, but mainly this one particular 7” they put out on Ruffian. On their debut full length, Watersports, Mi Ami, according to their press release, perform emotional songs about love, anxiety, sexuality, paranoia and ultimately, heartbreak. I picked up their Ark of the Covenant 12” (lovers rock) over a month ago and it has been on my turntable since; it feels like Black Eyes’ void has been filled. They embark on their first tour of North America in February and March along with Baltimore’s Thank You (see below).

MIKA MIKOC.Y.S.L.A.B.E. 12” (post present medium) – comes with a b/w poster
MOUNTAIN HIGHS/T cassette (hot dog city)
MOUNTAIN HIGHCo-op Shmo-Op/Catholic Cookie Cutters 7” (hot dog city) – silk-screened sleeve
NO-FI SOUL REBELLION/MOUNTAIN HIGHSplit 12” (Wantage) Silk-screened sleeve. Seven tracks from No-Fi Soul and four from the thunderous double-drumming of Mtn. High. Split 12” comes from Wantage, USA, the Missoula, MT record label that has quietly released monstrous albums and EPs over the past few years from acts like Big Business, Japanther, Last of the Juanitas and Red Fang.

THANK YOUTerrible Two (thrill jockey) – From the opening whistles, drums and low volume chants, Thank You are clearly an energetic rhythmic trio. As most current ‘blog-worthy’ acts from Baltimore, Thank You must be consumed live. Using organs, drums, percussions, samples, guitar, bass and vocals they construct five songs that clock-in at 35 minutes which span from hypnotic and repetitive experimental noise to chaotic and passionate drum breaks. They are paired exquisitely well on a joint tour with San Francisco’s Mi Ami (see above) in Feb/March.

NOTE: The majority of the mentioned Hot Dog City Records have mp3s available for download from their site.