Recently Acquired

New stuff since the last time . . .

The BEETSStay Home 12″ (captured tracks) – As I’ve said before, the beets are the current definition of lo-fi garage pop.

CAVEPure Moods 12″ (drag city) – Three psychedelic drone rock songs from Chicago four-piece.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND/METH TEETH – Split double 7″ (sacred bones) – Double split release, with one 7″ for each band.

ETERNAL SUMMERSPrisoner 12″ (kanine/forest family) – Four chill songs by this Richmond, VA duo on white vinyl. Lyrics on inner sleeve.

FUCKED UPDavid Comes To Life dbl LP (matador) – Gatefold sleeve. They have a lot coming for this release, even a website dedicated to the album. MP3s of “The Other Shoe“, “Ship of Fools“, “A Little Death” and “Queen of Hearts” via matador records.

TITLE FIGHTShed 12″ (side one dummy) – Current heavy player in the younger driven hardcore scene, more emo than harsh. Gatefold sleeve.

Music by titlefight

TITLE FIGHTFlood of ’72 (side one dummy) – First single off their album Shed.

TOUCHE AMOREParting The Sea Between Brightness and Me 12″ (deathwish) – White vinyl. Lyrical driven hardcore from PA.

TOUCHE AMORE/LA DISPUTESplit 7″ (no sleep) – Die-cut foldout sleeve. Yellow, Brown and white pressings.

WEEKENDSports dbl 12″ (slumberland) – This came out a while ago, but I finally bought it on vinyl since it’s been growing on me lately. Mp3 of “Coma Summer” and “End Times” via slumberland records.

WEEKEND NACHOSWorthless 12″ (deep six) – Latest release from established Chicago-based grind/power violence hardcore band. Download (found via google search)