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new stuff since the last time..

DUNESTied Together 7″ (teenage teardrops) – Los Angeles dreamy-lo-fi-pop trio’s 2nd seven inch release. Only 300 pressed, 100 Limited edition transparent green vinyl. I picked this up last week at the house show I hosted and it came with a poster printed by Kate. My camera is still acting weird, so it will be a minute before I can get a video up. Songs are “Tied Together” and “Goodbye Horses”. Order here. Listen at P4k.

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FUCKED UP – David Comes to Life 7″ singles set (matador) – Pretty ridiculous…ridiculously awesome. These four seven inch singles, including the band’s first one-side disc Octavio Made The Bomb, are a companion to the double album David Comes to Life AND the record store day release David’s Town; 37 songs released so far for this campaign. The above photo shows the front and back of each single. The fifth single The Other Shoe was temporarily available from the band through mail order and on tour, but has since sold out.

The FUCKING WRATHSeason of Evil 12″ (challenge the throne) – Man, even their label sounds tough. Older release from 2007. My roommate picked this up for me on tour recently. This band is out of Los Angeles and play punk/metal that is similar to Fight Amp or maybe Black Breath?

REIGNING SOUND/LAST YEAR’S MEN – Split 7″ (scion av) – The fourteenth release in Scion’s Audio/Video garage rock split seven inch series. The artwork had been uniform for the first dozen releases and this time artist Justin Hampton was commissioned. Download from scion.