Recently Acquired

What came through this week . . .

400 BLOWSSickness and Health 12″ (org) – Mail-order versions are sold-out; their finest effort so far. 400 Blows will be joining MELT-Banana on tour this November. Listen to a full stream of the album on

Future Islands – Balance by thrilljockey

FUTURE ISLANDSOn the Water (thrill jockey) – The vocals need to grow on me a bit, but otherwise it is a fairly good synth driven album.

TOTAL SLACKERThrashin’ (marshall teller) – I couldn’t avoid this b/c of the album title alone. You recall that awesomely epic skate movie? This is TOTALly not skater music but stoner music; lo-fi rock/garage.

TRUE WIDOWI.N.O. EP 12″ (kemado) – Five song EP on White vinyl, hand-numbered in an edition of 500. Touring Europe right now, then will join BORIS later this month. Order here.

WOODEN SHJIPSVol. 1 12″ (holy mountain) – “Vol. 1 collects all the tracks from the free 10-inch, the Dance, California 7-inch, and the SOL 7-inch.”