Recently Acquired: I’m Broke Now Edition + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF. A fun two weeks of traveling; made stops at Goner in Memphis and a couple shops per my usual in Austin; also Volcom shipped half of this years’ subscription.

BATTLETORN/DOUBLE NEGATIVESplit EP 7” (volcom) – Second release from the 2009 Volcom Ent. Vinyl Club. Black vinyl, hand-numbered out of 500. Features three vicious tracks from trash-punk duo, BaTTleTorn and three from hardcore metal act -/- (aka Double Negative).

The DEAD WEATHERHang You From The Heavens 7″ (third man) – First release on Third Man Records. Technically it is a reissue of their Record Store Day 7”, but with a different back sleeve.

The DEAD WEATHERTreat Me Like Your Mother 7″ (third man)

DEX ROMWEBER DUO (featuring Jack White) – The Wind Did Move (third man)

NEIL HAMBURGER/PLEASURESAURSouvenir Record 7” (self) – Tour only seven inch, limited to 500 copies, with artwork by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and letter-pressed sleeve by X-Ray Book Co.

HARVEY MILK/WILDILDLIFE Split 7” (volcom) – White vinyl. Third release for the 2009 sub; hand-numbered out of 550, I think it is suppose to be 500 like the rest of the series. Listen to “In the Ground” by Harvey Milk and “Stormbringer” by Wildildlife.

KANDI CODED/VALIS Split 7” (volcom) – First release for the 2009 subscription. Pink Vinyl. Hand-numbered out of 500. Listen to the tracks on this promotional video on youtube.

QUIThe Little Golden Blanket 7” (infrasonic sound) – White vinyl. Newer band fronted by David Yow of Scratch Acid and Jesus Lizard. Sleeve is signed by all three band members and hand-numbered out of 500.

THEE OH SEES/TY SEGALLSplit 7” (castleface) – Transparent turquoise seven inch, limited to 1,000 copies. Thee Oh Sees cover Ty Segall’s “The Drag” (off his S/T album) and Ty Segall does a take on Thee Oh Sees’ “Maria Stacks”.

THOMAS FUNCTIONMy Empire 7” (arkam) – Arkam records is an Alabama based record label run by a nice guy, who was in the Wendesdays and currently is in Pine Hill Haints. Purple vinyl and silkscreened sleeve. Thomas Function will be touring September through November, check their myspace for dates.

KURT VILEFall Demons EP 7” (skulltone) – 5songs on this EP, which is hand-numbered out of 375.


From GONER RECORDS in Memphis:

COACHWHIPSPeanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Village (narnack) – Insert features lyrics and a nice collage of band photos.

DEMONS CLAWSLost In The Desert: Demos and Outtakes vol. 1 12″ (telephone explosion)

EARTHLESSSonic Prayer (gravity) – Found for only $2 in the used bin. Two song cd from independent San Diego label. Earthless features Mario Rubalaca from Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes. Here is an mp3 from Gravity Records site, but not off this release. “Lost in the Cold Sun

LA PESTE (in English “Plague”) – S/T (matador) – Also found in the used section, this time for $7. Worth it for an out-of-print cd from one of the original Boston area punk acts. Death From Above 1979 covered this track on a seven inch. The Wipers may have as well, but not 100%.

TY SEGALLCents 7” (goner) – Clear seven inch.

TY SEGALL/BLACK TIMESplit 12” (telephone explosion) – Seven tracks from Ty Segall and 6 from London’s Black Time. Comes with double-sided insert.


From END OF AN EAR in Austin:

BRIMSTONE HOWLEuro Tour 2 x 7” ( – Two vinyls in cardboard mailer, six tracks. 500 black versions sold through mail order and on their 2008 Tour of Europe. “One Quick Minute” (mp3)


From TRAILER SPACE in Austin:

BLACK CAT #13Blast Off 7” (31g) – oop seven inch with insert, from defunct band: members went onto Sick Lipstick, Death From Above 1979.

GLASS CANDY/SUBTONIXSplit 7” (troubleman unlimited) – 2001 seven inch including 5 x 12 double-sided insert

The HOLY MOUNTAIN/COBRA NOIRSplit 7” (no idea) – Marble lavender vinyl. Screenprinted sleeve with lyrics on inside.

INTELLIGENCEIcky Baby 12” (in the red)

The MURDER CITY DEVILSChristmas Bonus Single 7” (jeff & amy) – Hand-numbered out of 1500. Comes in a stamped cardboard sleeve, housed in a paper bag.

TOTAL ABUSE Demo 06 7” (even worse) –  Austin HC eight song demo which was originally released as a cassette, comes with insert.

TOTAL ABUSESex Pig E.P. 7” (deranged) – Lyrics on insert.



MAMMOTH GRINDER Rage and Ruin 12” (depleted resource) – Debut lp from Austin metal hardcore band that I have yet to check out yet. Grey marble vinyl. Picture is of the cd version available from Assassinated Records.

OCS (aka ORINOKA CRASH SUITE) – 34 reasons why life goes on without you/18 reasons to love your hater to death (tumult laboratories) – Double disc of John Dwyer tracks recorded from 1995 to 2001. This is the first release for Dwyer under the name OCS.

SAVIOURS –  Seven Inch Set (kemado) – see here.