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An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased or given to POF.

ISISWavering Radiant (ipecac) – Wavering Radiant is consistent with everything that ISIS has released since Panopticon. Although less dramatic, it doesn’t deviate from their, now orthodox, formula of lengthy and structured progressive metal songs with sparse, howling-subterranean vocals. The release date for the album is scheduled for May 5th and a tour immediately follows; making a stop in Dallas at the Granada Theater on May 20th with former Hydra Head label-mates and alumni: Pelican (aka ISIS light, who are on Southern Lord now). Yes, ISIS are on ipecac, but they still run Hyrdra Head. MP3 of “20 Minutes/40 Years“.

SHE RIDESS/T (stillborn) She Rides is a Providence, RI drug-fueled punk and hardcore five piece fronted by Joe Krewko, the original singer for Bury Your Dead.  Bury Your Dead are infamous because they were actual victims of the hideous, long-standing metal insult: “I hope your band’s van flips”.  Joe lucky had already departed the band prior to this accident. If you have a dark sense of humor, then peruse through the comments revolving around the “incident”. 

The STRANGE BOYSAnd Girls Club (inthered) – I already have this on vinyl, but records don’t work in my car. In the Red, hence the name, is probably too financially strapped to offer an mp3 d/l of the album. 

TRAP THEMSeance Prime (deathwish) – I get Trap Them and Trash Talk confused, so I bought both.

TRASH TALKTrash Talk EP (ttcollective) – Engineered and mixed by Steve Albini, if that matters to anyone anymore. A 12-song, 14 minute, anthemic and notorious hardcore punk album, unintentionally created for stomping around your dwelling in a barbaric manner, being anally raped in the shower or for inspiring road rage. They are coming back to Texas for the 2009 Chaos in Tejas towards the end of May in Austin.

TRASH TALKPlauges… Walking Disease (malfunction/deathwish) I picked up both because I could not recall which album I wanted to get (see above). Liner notes contain lyrics.

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