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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + mp3s & video

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRELove EP & This Is Why You Love Me EP  (a) – A few weeks ago, Courtney Taylor (of Dandy Warhols) said, at their in-store at Good Records, “Anton Newcombe (would be) releasing four albums this year.”  I assume these two EPs, of 1997 Bomp! era tracks previously only available on 12″, are part of the four. As much as I dig BJM, I didn’t foresee Anton having the ability to release 4 albums worth of new material. Quality, not quantity please.

NOUVELLE VAGUE3 (peacefrog) –  The formula of bossa nova and pop jazz renditions of 80s new wave hits continues on the 3rd release by this French pop act. On 3, Nouvelle Vague recruits a few New Wave legends to duet on their original tracks, such as Martin Gore from Depeche Mode (“Master & Servant”) and Ian McCulloch of Echo & the Bunnymen (“All My Colours”). “Road to Nowhere”, even if it wasn’t originally by Talking Heads, would standout for its own style. Nouvelle Vague tackles tracks by Plastic Bertrand, Magazine, Police, Psychedelic Furs, Sex Pistols and Soft Cell on 3. Bands need to be a little more creative on album titles, 3 is also the new single by  Brittany Spears.

The RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS/ANDREW WKSplit 7″ (volcom) – The Fourth release for this year’s subscription was pressed in a run of 1,000; compared to 500 for prior releases.

THOMAS FUNCTIONNomad 7″ (alive) – Grey vinyl. Playing at the Lounge on the night before Halloween. Here is the b-side “Peanut Butter and Paranoia Jam“.

KURT VILEChildish Prodigy (matador)- First album for Matador from Philadephia’s “constant hitmaker”, who will be making a stop in Dallas on Halloween (with his backing band, The Violators), for a free show at the Lounge on Elm St.  Eleven tracks of personal American psychedelic rock on par, if not better than his previous releases on Kemado’s Mexican Summer and various smaller labels. More than a singer-songwriter, Kurt Vile creates music for freaks to make love to. “Hunchback” mp3 via Matador.

ZOROASTER/ALDEBARANSplit 7″ (kreation) – 100 on clear, 900 on black. Two tracks by Zoroaster and and unreleased version of “Alderbaran Red”.