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This past week . . .



The EGYPTIAN LOVEROne Track Mind cassette (egyptian empire)
My friend found this piece of shit tape on a recent road trip. It’s only amusing if you know me personally, but how could you disregard this classic release, with such cleverly titled tracks such as “You’re So Fine”, “The Dark Side of Egypt”, “Livin’ on the Nile” and “Freak-a-holic”, and that was just the A-Side!


FOL CHENPart I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made (asthmatic kitty)
Fol Chen’s album seems to jump all over the place by blending elements from various genres, and not in a bad way, sort of like a Bran Van 3000 or a Cornelius album. I listened to it straight through and found it enjoyable on the first run. Some of the standout tracks were “No Wedding Cake”, “Cable TV” and “Winter, That’s All”. Could suffice fans of Yatch, Hot Chip, maybe even Shiny Toy Guns.“No Wedding Cake” mp3

LOS CAMPESINOS!We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (arts & crafts) – Deluxe Version with DVD. I feel obligated to buy merchandise when I am comped to a show. 

MI AMIEchononecho EP 12” + mp3 (quarterstick) First single off the forthcoming Watersports. This recent interview I conducted with band has an extraordinary description of their work that slays anyone else’s summation.

TAPES & TAPESThe Loon cassette – (xl) Everyone seems to love vinyl again. Why not show some love to analog tapes? Tapes & Tapes on tape, duh.
TAPES & TAPESHang Them All 7” (?) – White label promo bonus for purchasing their new LP. See why I bought the Los Campesinos! Album.

WAVVESWavves LP 12” (woodsist)
I bought this because Wavves is playing my South by South Flesh festival in March and I wanted to listen to his tunes on something other than a myspace music player. Also, all Wavves 7” releases are really hard to attain because he is currently hot and ‘blogworthy’. I bet it’s being bought up by pricks that don’t even own a turntable.