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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

BLACK LIPSI’ll Be With You 7″ (vice uk) – Picture sleeve matches up with label, limited to 1000 copies.

BLACK LIPSShort Fuse 7″ (vice uk) – B-Side is “Born to Be a Man”

BLACK LIPS/LUMINASplit 7″ (vice uk) – “Drugs” by Black Lips. Under the name Lumina, Faris of the Horrors performs the Black Lips song “I’ll Be With You”. Limited to 500 copies. MP3 of Lumina: “I’ll Be With You” (Black Lips cover) via pitchfork.

DIGITAL LEATHERWarm Brother (fat possum) – Playing at the Lounge on Mischief night (October 30th) with label mates Thomas Function.

HEALTHGet Color 12″ (lovepump united) – Clear vinyl. Pre-orders have shipped with whatever package you chose. Along with the album, you get a set of buttons, a t-shirt, a large sticker and a silk-screened bag.

MAJEURETimespan (temporary residence) – One half of ZOMBI, (the drummer), releases an epic three-song “collaboration of live and electronic sounds” in which “each song uses layers of analogue synthesizers to masterfully craft extended compositions that virtually stop time before speeding it up, culminating in countless moments of genuine majesty”. In other words, it sounds like ZOMBI.

OSSORunrabbitrun (asthmatic kitty) – I forgot to post this, which I got a couple weeks ago. Although I am not a fan of Sufjan Stevens, I did enjoy Runrabbitrun, which is a collection of re-assembled instrumental tracks from the Sufjan Stevens’ album Enjoy Your Rabbit. Released October 6th. “Enjoy Your Rabbit” mp3 via Asthmatic Kitty.

SUFJAN STEVENSThe BQE (asthmatic kitty) – The BQE is a bold, unexpected addition to Sufjan Stevens’ catalog. Packaged as a CD/DVD or LP, The BQE is an instrumental score to the film of the same name. Both film and album composed by Sufjan Stevens. Here is a video and mp3 I linked to the other day. Released October 20th. Comes with a stereoscopic View-Master reel too.

VIVIAN GIRLSMoped Girls 7″ (for us) – UK, limited to 1500