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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + Mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

CULTSGo Outside 7″ (family forest) – First release from two Dallas based blogs: Weekly Tape Deck and Gorilla Vs. Bear. Cults is a rising duo who will be making headway this year. 400 pressed on yellow vinyl. Mp3s courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear “Go Outside” and “Most Wanted“.

DESCENDERArmy of Elephants (self) – Local rock four-piece turns out seven tracks for their first release. FYI, a Brooklyn Hardcore Metal act exists with the same name.

FLAMING LIPS w/guests – Dark Side of the Moon LP (warner bros) – There are a few misprinted stickers incorrectly labeling the album ‘sea foam green’ or ‘clear’ vinyl. Double gate-fold with CD. 5,000 pressed, both colors. Features Peaches and Henry Rollins.

JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III – Bad Lady Goes to Jail DEMO cdr (self) Thirteen garage rock demos, which are potential songs for Wes’ follow-up to Steal Your Mind. Recorded by Orville Neely of Bad Sports, who also did The Strange Boys first album. Label and release date to be announced soon.

GOLDEN BOYSWhiskey Flower (emperor jones) – Austin band’s 2007 album. New releases out on Alien Snatch (germany) and Daggerman Records.

The LOCUSTPeel Sessions 12” (radio surgery) – Recorded during their peak in 2001. Cover has a spot gloss with The Locust logo on it.

MONOTONIXNever Died Before/Lazy Boy 7” (drag city) – Recorded by Steve Albini, if that even matters anymore.

NIGHT BEATSIntroducing Ep (self)


PENShey friend! what you doing (de stijl) – All female UK trio’s brief debut which follows a few 7”s out on various labels such as: art fag, conanann the barbarian and paradise vendors.

QUEENS OF The STONE AGEFeel Good Hit of the Summer 10” (interscope) – Record Store Day reissue of an early single that was only available on cd single. 5,000 picture discs pressed and stamped.

TOTAL ABUSEMutt 12” (ppm) – Austin HC punk band’s second album, comes with digital download and a 16 page zine with lyrics and artwork. Features Dustin from Best Fwends on Bass. Album cover by William Boone.

UNNATURAL HELPERSSunshine 7” (hardly art) – Hand numbered out of 500. Mp3 of “Sunshine/Pretty Girls” courtesy of Hardly Art.